Waiting for Christmas

Happy 4th week of Advent. I like the years when we get an entire week more of advent. I like the extra prep time. Now maybe I'm not the best at getting things done in a timely manner around the holidays (this said, while I am finishing up our Christmas cards at this very moment), but I like the reflection time for preparing for the little baby Jesus to make His appearance once again in the manger. After having babies I appreciate what Mary did a lot more than I ever did before.

The song that has been my reflection "go to" this season is this one. I think it's mainly because the word "hallelujah" is in it and the word literally breaks in two meanings: "praise" and "the Lord." What better way to sing about His coming then by interjecting that word throughout a song? It gives me goosebumps every time.

This season of preparation has also been a season of change. Having little ones makes the whole "preparing the heart" thing take on a whole different meaning. In a good way. A child-like way. I find myself simplifying the meaning of Christmas and Christ's coming so Gabriella and Judah can understand it and I think that it's helping me to enter into Christmas with a much more child-like joy and anticipation. I mean, we're super excited to make Jesus His birthday cake. I was just a little stumped when Gabriella asked me how many candles we would need......anyway my sister-in-law gave us this book and we've been reading it over the past couple of days and the kids are loving it AND putting a few things together in terms of this season of giving.

Any of you still Christmas shopping? I'm kind of obsessed with these though I suppose I shouldn't have asked if you were still looking because they are sold out until after Christmas. oops...but still. I'm obsessed. If you are looking for something fun and unique for that special someone...well, let me know what you find because I'm still looking for my special someone.

The kids are taken care of though...Marty, being the digital marketing king that he is, is super excited about this for the kids...really Judah just enjoys sticking USB cables into pretty much anything these days so we think he'll be pretty thrilled.

Gabriella was pretty straight forward: princess dress, crown, and dancing shoes. Nothing else...though yesterday as we were talking about Jesus' birthday party she told me she thought He'd really like an Elena of Avalor toy...maybe He would, Gabriella, but if He didn't send Santa a letter last week asking for it, He's probably not getting it.

We are super excited to be celebrating Luciana's first Christmas. Does it ever get old? Don't tell me if it does. Every time we have a baby with a first Christmas I get giddy and feel like I need to wrap them in a million feet of Christmas lights and take a million pictures (hence the picture above). But have you seen the pictures that go terribly wrong? I have my fair share of these pictures myself, just ask Marty.

Okay, okay I need to get back to my Christmas cards and Hallmark Christmas movies...and wine. But last thought: it is so, so easy to be stressed during this season, to get wrapped up in buying presents for your kids, families, friends, etc, making the perfect meals and desserts and Christmas goodies for every. single. person. I get it. I am there sometimes...most times...so this is a reminder to me as well. Take time. Take time to sit and soak up this season of waiting. We are waiting for THE greatest gift. He doesn't cost a thing, He doesn't need wrapped, He doesn't need presents He needs us to BE present. He just needs us. Hallelujah He is coming!

Merry Christmas from our family to you!
Gabriella 4, Judah 2, Luciana 6mo
I know, I know Luciana looks terrified....


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