Hi, I'm AnnaMarie and it is no stroke of luck that you found this blog...no not at all.  But now that you're here, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

the good ole days in CO

I was born and raised in Colorado along with my older, much smarter brother (we'll get around to his smartness later, I'm sure) and we were homeschooled (no, I'm not anymore socially awkward than the culturally hip kid with a cell phone attached to his hand).  I mention the homeschooling bit because you will hear random rants about its genius throughout this blog.

I attended the Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH and I feel bad for you if you've ever been to the town but would be willing to bet that if you've been to the University it's probably changed the person you are...now whether for good or bad, that's your business, I'm not judging.  My Catholic faith is a huge part of who I am, and how my husband and I try to live our life.  Oh, speaking of husbands...mine is originally from Maryland where we currently live and are raising our three babies (they will forever be my babies).

I moved to Maryland back in 2009 for a youth ministry job in Annapolis and in 2011 married Marty Link; it's quite a (short, interesting, slightly funny, you fill in the blank) story:

    In 2006 I transferred to Franciscan and attended a bonfire that apparently Marty was also attending that night.  I remember none of this, but apparently I had on a one-strap tank top (yes, it was very 'in') and Marty took notice.  However in the next three years of our studies he and I had little contact (really I only knew three things about him: he was in AMDG, he played rugby and he was an attractive jock and none of those things were really that interesting to me, well maybe the attractive part).  He says to this day that I was mean to him...I think I just didn't show any interest back and his ego was slightly bruised.  After graduation we went our separate ways and much to my surprise we 'bumped' into each other when I came to Maryland for an interview at a church for youth ministry which resulted in him getting the job and me going back to CO for a year before coming back in 2009 to Annapolis...the rest is good history.  We started dating (he knew I was 'the one') on a cold Fall night when he showed up at my doorstep in downtown Baltimore in a rainstorm and knocked on the door holding flowers to ask me out.  All I saw however was a big, scary man who had his hood up on my doorstep so I locked my self in the house debating if I should call the police or just wait till he left...eventually he called me to tell me that it was him at the door.  In January 2011 he showed up on my doorstep again and asked me to marry him (my favorite memory of all time).

back in the day before kids or a care in the world

So we got married in 2011 and a week after our first anniversary in 2012 we welcomed Gabriella Sophia Mariae into the world on September 30th.  

Marty was super tired after 20 hours of labor

Becoming a wife and mama in a year is a lot of transition and I have been constantly learning the ins and outs of what this vocation means.  I struggle a lot with selfishness and stubbornness and with being domestic.  But it's the best (and hardest) gift I have ever been given.  A year after we said hello to Gabriella we found out that numero dos was on his way...and lo and behold the first Link boy was born May 29, 2014

Judah Francis Xavier Link

 I was both excited and nervous when we found out he was coming; we were open to this life coming into ours but at the same time I had just gotten (well, sort of) this 'mama of one' thing down. God never lets us get too comfortable though...

Luciana Marie Link joined our tribe on May 14th, 2016. She has added so much life to our family already and she's not even a year old.

Luciana Marie Link
So, now here we are with this blog.  I started this blog for many reasons, I love blogging, one of my main reasons for this blog is to help me document this crazy, wonderful life I am blessed to be living (I am terrible at journaling but not so terrible at blogging...well, at least I think), but also I have family spread out all over the map and we all started having babies around the same time.  Marty is one of five boys (four are married with kiddos) all here in Maryland, and I have that super smart brother who is a nuclear engineer for the Navy, also married with an adorable little boy and they are constantly on the move. So it is a great way to keep everyone on the up and up (yup, I just said 'up and up' because I think that is what the kids are saying these days).  So all that being said...

Welcome to my blog...I love (not in this order) coffee, cooking, baking, babies, my husband, my Faith, fashion (don't judge me around the house though), Pinterest (too much, but what else do you do when you're breastfeeding for hours on end???), football, making my house a home, drinking wine alone or with my sisters-in-law, Sucre macarons, Christmas music, our sheets from Restoration Hardware,  etc, etc...

Welcome to my blog, where more of our pictures look like this...

instead of this

I'm sure you'll hear more about my loves...all of them.


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