Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Parents for Life

How in the world could I love this little face so much already?  I swear she already has a personality!  We were watching her last week at our ultrasound and she was turning flips and playing peek-a-boo and showing off her little hiney, I think we could have watched her forever!  At just under six months I am starting to feel the pressure when it comes to being ready to parent a child.  And as I get everything ready, including myself I am reminded of the program that I used to help with at my last job, it was called Parents for Life and was a small offshoot of during Life Teen for our parents to come together and talk about the joys and struggles of being a parent.  I guess those joys, struggles and fears will never go away.  I can only imagine how much more I will realize that once our little girl is born! Marty and I talk about being a parent and how it will change our lives but also hopefully make us better and more selfless people...but also the responsibility of not only getting each other to heaven but now this little person as really makes me marvel at the glory of God in parenthood.  The very root of the word Matrimony means motherhood, so God's intensive purpose for this Sacrament is for two to become one and make three...and He gives us the gift of His trust in bringing up that little image of Him to know and love Him!  I can't help but think in knowing that, of course fear will play a factor in the emotions that are filling me all the time.  In just a few short months our lives will never be the same, and knowing that God doesn't give us what we can't handle I am looking forward to being a parent for life!  But I'm still needing all the prayers I can get! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Things I've Lost...

Just past the half-way mark on this pregnancy I have reflected lately on the things that I've lost...let me explain.  The other day I left the house to go to work, drove all the way to Annapolis and realized I had left my computer at seems to me that in a lot of ways I have lost my mind...where did the "cool as a cucumber" attitude, the "super organized" attributes I used to so pridefully display seem to go?  In their place I have become a slightly crazed hot mess...Marty will attest to this.  I am not as on top of cleaning as I used to be, I don't remember things like I normally do, nor do I seem to get many places on time...a huge pet peeve of mine...
Another thing that I have "lost" is my waistline...slowly, slowly I watch it disappear as this little monster inside of me decides to stretch out so she's more comfy.  Now, I'm not blaming her...if I were in her shoes I would be screaming in outrage because of the small, dark space we've confined her to for the next few months, but still, she's a little out of control...
There are so many things that have changed, and I joke about losing things, which seem to be many but at the same time I look at the little gift growing inside of me and I realize that the things I am "losing" are small in comparison to this little girl.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I hope my organized, cool self comes back at some point and I really, really hope my waistline reappears as well...but I truly feel as though what I've gained and will gain when baby girl Link comes into our lives will outweigh everything else...oh and it's finally time to hit up the maternity section...I'm sure I'll have some stories about that!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How much can 7lbs cost??

Well, let's be honest our baby is more than likely going to weigh in more at the 10lb marker but a girl can dream!  Marty and I have started talking about a baby registry...I guess we'd better get on it.  But as I do my research, and I do a lot of research, I have realized that the little girl growing inside of me is going to start costing us!  Now, I was not disillusioned to how much a baby would cost but as we look into products and reviews I keep reading, 'you get what you pay for.'  So I had better start really hunting down the deals.  But this is what I think is the craziest...there are SO MANY THINGS you can get for your baby...down to little baby hangers, because goodness knows you can't hang baby clothes on big girl hangers...this is probably true...but what an industry!  Of course Marty says that I am drawn to the expensive end of things, but who can help it?  Little tutus are much more exciting than practical onesies.  It will be quite an adventure to be sure finding all of the necessities for our little girl.  Marty asked me to make sure that when I make the registry that I add Home Depot giftcards to the list...he is planning on building things for the baby's long as it's not the crib, I think we'll be okay...otherwise I will have my soda can ready to try and shove between the slats of wood for it! :)  In all honesty it's hard to hold back because we're so excited for this new life.  I can understand that it would be easy to want everything and anything I can get my hands on for a newborn...that's why maybe I should start a business so I can take advantage of first time mamas just like me!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Love, love, love!

This all of the readings we heard that we are called to love.  I am learning all about love in many new ways this year.  Getting married has taught me so much more about selfless love than I ever though possible.  There are so many days I get up and I don't want to take the dog out, or clean the dishes that may or may not still be there from the night before; or some days I just simply don't feel like being nice.  Well, to say the least, God is teaching me about selfless love...
I am learning about love like this I think for many reasons but probably mainly for a BIG reason that will be joining our family in just four months.  We just had our sonogram to find out what we're having and to our unspeakable joy God is blessing us with a little baby girl!  We both sat in awe this past Friday and watched on the screen and our little miracle waved her little arms and opened and closed her mouth...she looks perfect!  Marty and I left the hospital just completely astounded that we could love someone so much who we haven't even met yet!  God teaches us a lot about love in the beauty of life!  So it makes me think about that selfless love we're called to...when that little baby is kicking me and pushing on my stomach, when I feel so sick the thought of food makes me want to never eat again, or when I just really don't want to take my vitamins because they taste SO bad...I remember that God calls us to love just like He does...we might fail but He gives us so many wonderful reasons to continue trying!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Is it cannibalism??

So the baby is the size of a sweet potato supposedly moving all over the place...I'm still waiting for that first flutter so in the meantime I went out to buy a few sweet potatoes so when I was eating them this week I would think of the baby.  My mom mentioned jokingly that it was a little like cannibalism because I was "eating my baby."  We laughed about it and then moved on to another topic; me using this matter (in my case a sweet potato) is helping me believe in something I cannot yet see.  Not quite cannibalism...that'd just be silly. 
But this process is helping me also reflect on my faith.  It's the month of May and therefore the month of Mary and I can't help but think, as I eat my sweet potatoes that Mary was going through this too...she was pondering what was happening in her body, she was waiting for those first little flutters, she was praying (I'm sure) as hard as she could, etc, etc.  She couldn't quite grasp what was going on...she was basing it all on faith.  I guess that's what we have to do when we're waiting on something that hasn't yet been revealed...we believe.  So I will go on praying for Mary's wisdom during this pregnancy and I will continue buying the fruit or veggie that represents my baby in hopes that I can relate it to something I am anxiously up?  An heirloom tomato!

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