Live for today...

Over the past few days I have seen quite a few people who have had some major health problems...and none of these people are super old. It makes me really reevaluate the way we tend to live life. I know that for myself I can easily say, I'll do that tomorrow...but what if tomorrow never comes? I know this sounds cheesy but as I watched last season's finale of Grey's Anatomy and people are dying and the monologue is all about asking ourselves if we told the people who have changed our lives that we loved them, I found myself asking the question: "Would I be ready if I died tomorrow?" I don't think this is a morbid question...actually I think it is a wise question. We have to constantly be thinking beyond this world...beyond this life. Are you? If I had to say that I would change ONE thing then I wouldn't be ready to meet my maker. I mean, clearly I can improve on things but I need to know that I am as ready as I possibly can be. It's a big's the difference between heaven and hell, it's the difference between seeing the face of God for all of eternity or being deprived of the very thing that gave breath to your soul!
I made it a habit a long, long time ago that I never, ever hang up the phone or walk out the door without telling my parents or brother that I loved them. Because what if I never see them again? I want the last thing I said to be something of love. It's imitating Christ, even when we don't feel like it, and even when our family irritates us beyond measure. That is what Paul was talking about when he said, imitate me and I imitate Christ.
I encourage you tonight before you go to bed to sit down with a piece of paper and write the things that most desperately need changing in your you need to apologize to a friend or family member who you've hurt? Do you need to forgive someone for hurting you? Do you need to spend more time in prayer? I know I do!
Live this day like it could be your last...and Christ's peace will enter your heart!


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