The Manual of the Holy Catholic Church

Wouldn't it be great if you could get your hands on one of those? I often find myself thinking that there should be manuals for EVERYTHING! Including kids...but that's another story altogether. Well, this past week I found a beautifully bound copy of THE manual of the Holy Catholic Church. It was pretty impressive book, and we were all pretty intrigued by it. We flipped through the pages and found some answers to interesting questions. The problem I think is that a lot of times we don't read the manual and we end up breaking something. How many times do we actually read the manual of something we buy from cover to cover? I'm sure there are a ton of things about my iPhone I don't know because I have never read the manual...or TV's, or DVD players or the Wii or whatever the case may be. We normally think: I can figure this out on my own, I don't need to read the WHOLE manual. That's where we go wrong sometimes in faith. We have manuals, and it's not THE manual of the Holy Catholic Church (though that's cool), we have the Bible and the Catechism. These books tell us so much of how we ought to live. But how often do we begin to read and think we get the general picture and will figure the rest out on our own? Or how often are we reading and we don't like the way it's telling us to do something so we put it down? Or worse yet, how often do we never even pick it up because we think that we already know what we're doing? Yep, it's a growing problem...we can compare this back to's getting more and more complex and there is so much more that you need to know and yet less and less people have the patience to read the manuals. Just like faith, life is becoming more and more complex and yet, less and less people feel like they need to pick up the Bible to figure out how to live. All we need to do is read the manual!
During this season of Lent, it is a perfect time to start reading the manual! Spending some time everyday getting to know our Lord is the perfect way to keep from breaking down. Yes, there will be hard times but if you read the manual, you'll have everything you need to repair any damage. May the Lord bless us and keep us close to His heart during this time of Lent


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