welcome to fall

Wow, when I looked back on the last blog, I felt a little guilty that I hadn't blogged in a long, long time...but when I look back on the summer, all I see is insanity. So it made a little more sense that I didn't have much time to blog. But I'm back and we're getting ready to kick off the year for youth group and it's almost fall...joy! I love fall...it reminds me of a lot of things but what it reminds me of the most is me! Ha, my birthday is in the fall and I always thought that that was the reason I loved the season so much, but now I think that it's everything that comes with the season, pumpkins, apple cider, sweaters and football! I love all of these things, they all make me happy, I love that I was born in the fall, because I have a good excuse to celebrate life. The season also reminds me of many things I love about my faith. I love that we celebrate the Rosary for the entire month of October, we have great feast days and we celebrate the saints in a special way. This year, I am reminded that amidst the football games, fires in front of the fireplace and going sweater shopping I need to remember what my goal is, my ultimate goal: I want to me a saint. That is my goal, to get to heaven, so I look forward to the ways I will grow this fall...I hope you're looking forward to the season as much as I am...and feel free to wish me a happy birthday whenever :)


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