It's Hot Chocolate Time!!!

Yep, it's that time of year again...the leaves are falling off the trees and scaring my dog (you would think that he is getting pelted with rocks when leaves fall down and hit him), starbucks is bringing back the pretty red cups with snowflakes on them...and what's inside?  Yes, you're chocolate, apple caramel spice, peppermint white chocolate mochas etc...anyone who knows me at all will know that I LOVE drinks that make you feel all warm and cozy inside!  I could drink something hot all year long, to me, there is nothing better on a day like this (today is rainy and dark for those of you who don't know) than a hot chocolate with salted caramel or a peppermint mocha...  But beyond the drinks and leaves and whatnot...there are so many things that I love about this time of year, it really is incredible what the season brings to the table...sometimes things that we overlook, or fail to see altogether.  so this is where I will try and tie in something Christ-like...Fall...moving into Winter can be a time of great growth for's a time when the Church begins anew (new year's right around the corner for the Church) and we are able to reflect on what we have been given that we are thankful for and areas that need a little pick me up...why wait until January 1st?  So perhaps a walk through our year is in order, my parents keep a jar on the mantle that throughout the year we fill the jar with little slips of paper that have our blessings listed on them...let me tell you...this year that jar is quite full...but the jar doesn't even have to be filled with the "big" blessings, it can be filled with things that are as simple as starbucks hot chocolate.  What we are thankful for is as simple as we make it...why not try it?  Write down what you are thankful for, what has God given you this year?  on the flip side of that...what do you need to work on?  what is keeping you from growing in your relationship with Christ?  what needs to be released...there is a great line in a song (Hosanna by Hillsong) that asks God to "break my heart from what breaks Yours" (God).  This is the best time of year, when leaves are falling off the trees and things are dying to allow a part of you to die to self.  Maybe sit down and have a hot chocolate and make a couple of lists for the season.


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