So, facebook has yet another new, annoying layout called "timeline," it's been forced onto most people at this point, most of you know what I'm talking about...

I still have to post wedding pictures and this will screw up my timeline since we're having a baby in less than a month, wait, did I just say in less than a month???  Yep, time flies...it feels like just yesterday I was standing in our little apartment after the March for Life in DC holding that white stick telling Marty that we were having a baby.  That was way back in January and I remember somewhere in the middle of the pregnancy maybe like month 6 I looked at myself and said, "I probably won't get much bigger than this." haha, oh poor disillusioned me! 

But going back to this timeline, it has made me look back on my "timeline" or better to say, God's "timeline" for me.  Marty and I talk about this a lot when we talk about our baby girl...isn't it a miracle the steps that were taken in both of our lives in order to get to this point in our lives?  And isn't it a miracle the steps we had to take towards God and sometimes away from God in order to be having this specific little girl?  What a journey!  A little more than 3 years ago I packed up my car, single and a little broken, and drove to Baltimore to live with one of my best friends and start a new job...God had His timeline and little did I know I was driving right into it!  How can you post that on facebook? 

Now, my more recent timeline is getting ready for this little life and at the same time moving...so many things do, so little time because time goes so quickly.  We are packing boxes and yet at the same time making sure things are ready if we're surprised with an early arrival; but it IS just like yesterday when we started planning the move and the baby's arrival...I sat down with my sister-in-law and she shared her news of having a little one too, and now that little one is here...time moves faster than we can blink...my point to all this timeline talk?  Sit back with your best friend, your husband or your kiddos and enjoy what God is doing in your timeline...sooner than soon you will be looking back on it saying "man it seems just like yesterday..."


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