Ready or not...

He's coming!  Advent is almost over and I can't believe how quickly it has flown by.  Gabriella is almost three months old and she is teaching me to relax in the hustle and bustle of the shopping season...this is mainly because she doesn't really allow me to go shopping anymore.  She is now at "that" stage (supposedly everything is a stage) where she doesn't want to be in her carseat if we're not driving...she has to be out and looking around at all of the action around her. 

Case and point...we had over a hundred Christmas cards to get out in the mail and I refused to write out our return address on every single one so my brilliant idea was to go to Staples and have a return address stamp made for all of the other Christmases to come.  I did my research and found out that they take 45 minutes in store and you're ready to go!  So I feed, burp and change Gabriella, throw my hair into a "messy bun" (that's still stylish right?) and head out.  I get to the store only to find that G has fallen asleep and I foolishly think I have extra I go next door to petsmart first.  Bad move.  We walk into Staples and order the stamp and I start my little trek around the store hunting for some home office things and G wakes up.  I love when she wakes up in a place other than our house and she's confused until she sees makes me feel loved...until her lower lip comes out and she starts screaming because she realizes that not only is she not home...she is also strapped down.  So I take her out after the usual struggle of getting her out of the contraption that will save her life if I ever drop the car seat and immediately she stops crying and my little bobble-head does her customary perusal of her surroundings.  People are walking by saying what a little angel she is (did they not just hear the glass breaking screams?) and what great head control she has.  I look at my watch thinking that it must be close to 45 minutes at this point...10 minutes have passed.  So with baby in one hand and stroller in the other...we walk around and around the store spending too much money because what else can I do and wait.  Finally the stamp is done and we're headed home, now with a very hungry baby and I am triumphant because I have just made my life easier with this stamp...the story goes downhill from here...

I get home feed, burp and change Gabriella (yes, the same exact process over and over), put her in her little baby Einstein play mat, and I sit down with my mountain of Christmas cards ready to make the magic happen...only to find out that when I press down on the stamp only half of it works.  Do the people at Staples not realize the process of going out?  I have to feed, burp and change the little nugget, strap her in and drive all the way to the store...all for the stamp to not work...really?  Yes!  Really. 

So end of the story...I printed off labels at work...sent them out and am very angry at Staples...but I got a great picture of Gabriella on that little play mat...she's too darn cute!  So ready or not...let's get excited to greet our return address stamp needed!


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