The New Year...the new normal

Soooo, I keep thinking that soon I will be close to "getting back to normal" and I feel like mothers all over the globe are laughing while I make that statement.  This is normal now.  Normal is no longer sleeping in...what's that?  Normal is having three toilets that always seem to need cleaning.  Normal is leaving the house for work and half way there trying to remember if I put deodorant on...yep.  But I feel like recently things have been even a little less than the new normal, there can be no good that comes from this.  We all got sick and when I say "all" I mean Marty got the flu, I got a cold and Gabriella remained the healthiest of all with just a small runny nose.  Marty also had a root canal gone awry and had to have a tooth pulled due to an infection that set in...needless to say January hasn't started off on the right foot for poor Marty.  Things have been bleak at 1309 lately, too much medicine and not enough energy.
But we count the blessings and Gabriella stayed nice and healthy for the most part and at the ripe old age of 3 1/2 months decided she had enough of this "laying around on her back thing" and rolled determined as she is, she now will roll over every time she lays down on her back...she likes to show off and she won't stop talking about it.  Now, I cherish this, I do, really!  But this new found energy she has came at the exact time we got sick...this must be where sacramental Grace comes in right?  How else will we survive?
In other news, I have a few new addictions that have helped me get through the sick days...Pinterest (this has always been an addiction since day one but I have a renewed love of it), Talento (a gelato that they sell at Harris Teeter), specifically the Sea Salt Caramel, and the Kelly and Michael show (I aspire to be like Kelly Ripa, is that bad?).
As crazy as my new normal is, especially these last few days, I know that I wouldn't trade it for anything because a few of my other new normals are waking up to a smiling (usually) baby every morning who constantly amazes me with her development and personality, having a husband who makes the best breakfast this side of the Mississippi and my crazy dog who at this very moment is taking Marty's socks out of the dirty on that's time to get back to normal!


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