Where have all the merry-go-rounds gone??

Do you ever wonder what has happened to all the merry-go-rounds?  Too dangerous?  Controlling moms like me must have complained a lot...

Living with my parents has its ups and downs...an "up" is that my mom is super helpful with Gabriella while I am feeding Judah.  He is a big eater.  But it's always interesting seeing two grown adult couples lives interweave (is that a word??).  My mom comes out (nice and early which is great cause we're up nice and early too) and asks the same question almost every morning: what's your plan for today??  It makes me feel like a lazy, lazy mother when the answer (as it is most days) is 'I'm not sure' or 'same as yesterday.'  Especially when yesterday we did nothing.  So today I said, 'same as yesterday' and yesterday we went to the park.  So to the park we went...

We decided to go to the park early this morning so as to avoid the children that tend to accumulate there.  Call me a bad mom, or perhaps anti-social but nothing annoys me more than when we are walking up to the park and I see children running around.  Now, this isn't because I hate children, I have two that will (hopefully) testify otherwise.  No it has much more to do with MY child than it does with the other littles running helter-skelter in the playground.

Gabriella LOVES other kids...maybe a little too much for a germ-a-phobe mother.  She runs up to everyone at the park to chat, sometimes she likes to hug little people her size and she always is watching the bigger kiddos doing things beyond her, making her think she is bigger than she is...thus I feel that soon, very soon we will be heading to the ER with a crazy little who doesn't know she has limits.  She also likes to put everything in her mouth, which isn't the greatest thing to do at a park, just sayin.

Apparently other mothers have the same thoughts I do though and we weren't alone in the park today, I also look like a paranoid mom to all the other moms who are sitting around chatting with each other while their littles play and I am running after G while Judah is strapped to me and wiping down everything before she plays on it or wiping her down right after.  But let's be honest these wipes are made for mothers like me.  And as that mother I subscribe to them on Amazon Mom, monthly, which is the best thing ever, and I intend to yell it from the rooftops forever.

But back to the children at the park, it made leaving the park a bit of a traumatic experience because heaven forbid we leave the park when there are other kids enjoying it...fits usually ensue the entire two block trek back to the house.  Today was no exception...she went stiff as a board, screamed, melted into the ground, kicked...it was really special.

Maybe tomorrow will be better...but maybe tomorrow my answer will be 'I'm not sure'


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