A New Year, a New You...

This past weekend was a weekend of celebration!  We celebrated the Church's New Year, we celebrated a Thanksgiving full of love and friends and family; and we celebrated my sweet baby boy's baptism into the Faith!  Judah isn't a Pagan anymore!  Praise the Lord!
 Father Dan baptizing Judah as Priest, Prophet and King
You would have never guessed that the kids were a disaster

We had this brilliant plan to get down to VA early, and hit up the outlets in Williamsburg, and do I even need to mention the Cheese Shop????  But the best laid plans....well we got down to Norfolk pretty much right in time for Mass and the Baptism.  It was a rough day, but watching Judah become a Christian was amazing!  Is 6 months too long to blame postpartum hormones?  I totally teared up.  I love Baptisms!

In other news, we're back in Maryland, permanently.  We moved back a little over a month ago for an amazing opportunity for Marty's career...I am super thankful for our time in CO but I have to say that being back in Maryland is exciting too.  

Lots of new things for this Link family...and I'm sure many more to come, but right now the only new thing for me is a poopy diaper.....


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