Babies change your world...

There's a newsflash for you. I know, I know, you say of course babies change your world, but let me tell you a few ways they've changed mine…

Eating: Don't get your hopes up. I used to love sitting down and enjoying a wonderful, HOT dinner. Homemade, a little gourmet, and leisurely. We used to have things like Italian meats and cheeses from Trinacria, paired with crusty bread and wine. Oh wine. Now I pair wine with fish, a specific variety of fish, you may have heard of comes in an orange and white box and tastes like cheddar cheese, and raised farm fresh from Pepperidge Farm. Ring a bell? Goldfish, yes. Let me tell you, my sister-in-law turned me onto something that I wish she wouldn't have.  Eating goldfish while sipping wine...I know, I know it sounds so classy. Considering that, in reality, my sister-in-law is the epitome of classy there is some irony here. But the combo works, trust me. And it beats eating cold dinner that has been rewarmed a million times. Trust me here, skip that and head straight for that box of goldfish, just do yourself a favor and don't open that box of wine. It isn't worth it...unless it's a Bota Box...then go ahead.

the Best
Weekends: What?! People sleep in? One day last week the babies slept in and it was glorious! They woke up at 5:45.
Yeah. That's what I thought too.
hair buns are a must with curly hair
Mass: I used to go to church early to get some extra prayer time in., if we're on time, we're lucky to make it past the Our Father before sneaking into the back with one of our more charismatic children, who may or may not be speaking in tongues...she shall remain nameless. 

Grocery shopping: I think Marty and I might have fallen in love grocery shopping together. It was so fun walking up and down every aisle deciding as we went what to buy. Now this is how we roll... (literally) 
Wegmans car-carts save lives
And if it doesn't have a coupon it's not getting in the cart and snacks in the cart happen and a detailed list with aisle numbers is a must. In and out my friends. 

Style: I like to think in my early days, I was something of a trendsetter.  Okay, maybe not, but I knew what was in and I'm out...out...out. Maybe someday I'll be back in, but not likely. Hey, it's not like I'm wearing turtlenecks and jumpers. We just won't be breaking out the two-piece for a while....

I could go on and on, it's now a potty, not a toilet, it's a tushie, not a butt, we don't use words like shut up, or damn it; we water down our apple juice and try to avoid rounded objects that cause choking. I don't think I can sleep without a white noise machine...but the biggest change to date is my joy. 

I cannot imagine a day where I wake up and I don't see two of the cutest faces God has created. I cannot imagine a day that I don't hear squeals of laughter and the Curious George theme song being sung and danced to. I cannot imagine a day that diapers don't need to be changed, and meals don't need to be rewarmed. I cannot imagine a calm bath time. I cannot imagine a day where I don't snuggle two littles to sleep and stare into their angelic faces. And I pray to God I don't ever have to experience that any time soon! 
Memphis is always lurking in the background
Again, Memphis...
modesty people, modesty
Our life has changed SO much, and everything about it is good. Hard, but so good. I might not be the woman that I thought I was going to be when I became a mom, and that's okay. And whenever I start to beat myself up over something I can just go grab myself a glass of wine and some goldfish, that makes everything better...


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