"God's greatest attribute...

is His mercy."
I had a professor in college (a favorite) who always said that if we put that quote on the front of our test books he would never fail us. He said that if God was merciful enough to offer us life in His kingdom that he could be merciful enough to not fail us. Everyone in his class always remembered to put that on the front of the booklet. But all of us, also, studied very hard for his tests regardless of the fact that we knew we wouldn't flunk. I think it was because we respected the man so much that we wanted to do well for him. The thing I loved about his teaching was that he taught what he lived, he didn't live what he taught. I think there is a huge distinction in that. There are people who will live what is taught to them, but then there are people who live a certain way and teach by that example. As Christians, we are all called to live that way. St. Francis of Assisi said that we should preach the gospel at all times and only use words when necessary. That is living our life in a way that teaches others how to live too!
But no matter what we do...there will never be a time when we don't need God's mercy! We can never do anything to "earn" heaven. There are not enough good deeds in this world that would allow us to merit heaven...Only God can bring us into eternal life. I think sometimes we get caught up in doing good deeds but it is God who sees our hearts and loves us through everything! One of my very favorite passages in the Bible is in the book of Psalms chapter 18:19-20 which says "He [Christ] saved me because He loved me." I did nothing to deserve it (salvation), I've done everything to have lost it, but that doesn't change the fact that He loves me! What a gift! God's greatest attribute is His mercy! How thankful I am for that gift of mercy!


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