The Lord's Day

I recently upgraded my phone and much to my dismay I had to have a middle school kid show me how to put the phone on silent! Crazy...this world is moving so fast I can't keep up! But yesterday helped me to slow down. After numerous times of having to go back to my office because I forgot this or that for youth group, I found myself starting to get irritated with the people around me driving slow or walking slow...I had to literally stop and remind myself that even if I was working it was still the Lord's Day. How often do we get caught up in what we're doing and we don't even stop to think that there is something bigger going on in this world? On the Lord's day we are commanded to slow down. That is actually a COMMANDMENT! Weird eh? I think that God really knew what He was doing. He didn't command us to work...we do that out of necessity. But He knew that we'd get caught up in that...and so He commanded that we take one day that is just for reflecting on Him.
There are so many ways that we do that. But we get caught up in sports and practice, homework and yardwork, and we forget that all of these things are pointless in a grand scheme of things. Jesus reminded us in this Sunday's gospel that it is hard for a rich man to get into heaven...even if he observes the commandments. God alone knows the soul. The rich man went away sad because he had many possessions. He was invited to follow Jesus and he turned away. We all have that invitation, how often do we walk away? It's sometimes easy to walk away because we have the INTENTION to follow Christ later and before we know it...time has flown by. Just like I was saying about how quickly technology changes in this to does time past just as quickly. There is a verse that says the pathway to hell is paved by good true.
The Lord's Day is an opportunity to stop and make time to reflect on Christ's invitation to follow Him. Yesterday I forgot that...I didn't take enough time to reflect on my invitation to follow Christ. But the great thing about Christ is He invited me again today to follow Him. Take time for the Lord today...take time to reflect on His invitation to you!


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