It's almost time...

for football season that is!  I know, I know, I could be talking about the fact that in 7 weeks we'll be meeting our little girl for the first time, but let's talk about all the other joys Fall brings for a minute.  As everyone knows, Fall is my ultimate favorite time of year...the apple cider, the warm soups, the fun holidays, my birthday...that's why it makes sense that my little girl would come in the Fall, she's sure to fall into the "favorites" category.  So back to football...obviously there is some strain in our home around this time of year...Marty and his Ravens (boo) and me and my Steelers...we've talked about what this will look like when little Link enters the picture, it could get ugly.  As much as we have agreed that we'll be fair with her, I know that I am at a disadvantage because of me working on Sundays...little baby will be home with her daddy (daddy/daughter football day) and she's going to hear him rooting for that "purple team" and she'll associate her loyalty with his.  I know I will be fighting a losing battle.  But all that being said, we've been pretty tame about the start of the season...we love football...especially when fall is in the air. 
I suppose I can't start planning for Fall too soon though...we still have a little ways to go and a little one to prepare for.  I was reading today how big she is and she's roughly the weight of a pineapple (who doesn't love those) I just hope she's not as prickly; and she could be up to 19 inches long already.  I can completely see her being this long considering that I feel kicks in my ribs and in my bladder at all times...she is also staying awake for longer periods of time and she can keep her eyes open during those times.  I can only dream about what she looks like but soon enough those dreams will be realities and I'll be looking at her cheering with daddy at football games!


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