the honey-"dew" list

Our little girl is a honeydew this week...maybe not quite as round but certainly as heavy if not heavier.  She's so close to being here I can barely wait...and then I look around the house and I realize we still have a long way to go before we could say we're ready...but who's really ever ready for their first baby?  Most people are probably more ready than we are but at the same time we're packing up and moving before or after she arrives...who knows her schedule?  So I like to think that that's the reason we're not as ready as we wanted to be.  But I feel like our list is getting longer and longer of the things we have to get done, and I also feel counter-productive when I am packing boxes of house things but unpacking boxes of baby's all a bit overwhelming. 
But I had a nice little break from reality this past weekend and went to my baby shower, and it was the perfect day!  I don't think that the party could have been more perfect.  It was so fun just relaxing with friends and family, eating fantastic food and of course opening presents...this little girl is going to have some fun clothes and blankets when she decides to come out and play!  I think what was most fun for me was going home with everything and showing it to was like opening all the presents twice.  Marty, being the guy that he is, was the practical one pointing out what she would and wouldn't really "need" but let's be honest, who doesn't go a little crazy when it comes to baby stuff? 
After the weekend it was back to the daily grind and work...but Marty and I had an opportunity to go to Mass yesterday for the feast of Mary our Queen that was offered in honor of St. 'Padre' Pio who is our Saint and it was a bit of a reflection on the past year (11 months) and how far we've come in being married, and welcoming this little life into our's hard to believe that in a month we'll celebrate our one year anniversary and also the birth of our baby...who knows...maybe on the same day!  But we were able to really think about the grace of our marriage and the holiness of the Sacrament that we're living and how everything else fades...the packing, the stress of moving, the uncertainty of bringing new life into the comparison to what God has given us in each other.  Yesterday's gospel reminded us of the very fitting message to focus on when the Archangel Gabriel's said to our Blessed Mother..."nothing will be impossible for God." 


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