It's a feast day miracle!!!!

We are going to take a break from Lent today, and say "hallelujah, Jesus has been found!!!" A few months back my mom sent Gabriella a little nativity set that consisted of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. G loved the little baby Jesus so much she took him everywhere with her, and lo and behold before long He was missing. I searched high and low for this little baby, because every time G would see the empty manger she would bring it to me and say "gone?" very sadly. Today, however, on the feast of the Annunciation, when we celebrate the "yes" of Mary, I was walking out of the bedroom and stepped on little baby Jesus. How in the world did little baby Jesus end up on the floor outside of my bedroom? I've been looking for Him for months. 
He is now safe in this bowl, and G is ecstatic!
The family has been reunited. A miracle, I tell you. 

On this note of finding Jesus, I really believe that we don't always find Jesus, He finds us. He takes us right where we are and brings us back to Him, wherever we need to be. I don't think that our mama Mary was necessarily seeking a visit from the angel. But our Lord found her and drew her right to where she needed to be to say "yes" to Him. I hope I can say "yes" to Him often, everyday, in fact (I just hope He doesn't plan on reminding me He's everywhere by me stepping on Him first thing in the never sounds good when you say you stepped on baby Jesus). 

I hope you have a happy feast day. I hope you have cake, or ice cream, or if you're like me a giant cup of coffee, followed by a large glass of wine. I hope you do something that reminds you of how blessed we are to have a perfect model of a mama, who constantly is showing us the way back to her Son. We take a break out of the season of Lent to celebrate, so celebrate! 
"O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee"


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