Cold Snap

Marty always jokes that when we first started dating (the year of Snowmageddon - if you live on the East Coast you know what I mean), we got snowed in together and I went a little stir-crazy.  Being from CO we don't get "snowed in"…within a day we will be able to get out…but the East Coast is oh so different.  Here people get snowed in for days and everything shuts down and the grocery stores have empty shelves.  It's strange, but it's the North East…I've learned to deal with it.  So anyway, back to the point…it snowed yesterday…all day.  And here we are, snowed in, sort of.  Marty walked out to the road where he parked the car, but G and I had to stay inside because it was -11 wind chill.
So what did I do?  I made cookies…my darn sister-in-law (who I love) sent me a link to a recipe that looked wonderful…again, darn her!  I made them but Marty didn't like them…so now I have a dozen huge cookies and only me to eat them.  This is a tough situation to be in because I can't even leave the house to get away from temptation.  I suppose I will eat them all…I can't let them be wasted… but I blame my sister-in-law 100%!
Marty also, aside from aiding in my weight gain from his lack of a sweet tooth, has brought down the iron fist since we've been snowed in with G.  He is terrified to let her run through the house in fear that she will slip, fall and need stitches…he has ALWAYS been paranoid about his little princess and he isn't sorry about that fact one bit.  But this is a little crazy now…she can't play outside, she is an energizer bunny and I NEED her to be tired…otherwise, I'm tired.  And pregnant.  And slightly caffeine deprived because of the prior statement.  It's tough…I understand the fear of her falling…this house is a scary place for children, however the girl needs to burn off some of her energy or at least share some of it with me.
Hopefully if she shares then I can run around the house and burn off some of these cookies...


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