I spend way too much time on Pinterest

I would not normally say this because I spend most of my day racing around the house after the 15 month old energizer bunny that we call our daughter, but today I was feeling out of touch with Pinterest…yes, my relationship needs to be nourished and ever since I stopped breastfeeding my 'pinning' has decreased drastically.  So today for the 30 minutes that Gabriella decided to nap for I sat on my phoning pinning away.  I was so encouraged and inspired that I decided to try out one of the said pins.  It was a peanut butter chocolate chip brownie.  Let me just say that it was not the gooey indulgence that I had in mind, not necessarily because of the recipe but because I was already in deep before I realized that the only flour that I had in my pantry was whole wheat (the reason for that is my attempt at being healthy lasted one recipe before realizing that whole wheat flour is not good in yummy baking) and so that's what had to go in.  So what did I do?  Right after bath and bed time I got right back on Pinterest to find new peanut butter chocolate chip recipes.  Yep, lesson not learned…I will keep pinning recipes that are bad for me and exercises that will help me curb the effects of the recipes...


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