Saturday, January 11, 2014

Some Things I've Learned

The title of this blog is slightly deceiving, my baby doesn't really sleep…otherwise I would totally let her!  But I titled my blog with the hopes that SOMEDAY I will be able to say it.
Another year down in the books.  I used to be really great at blogging, then something happened…I got married.  This shouldn't have stopped the blogging process, rather it should have enhanced it seeing that I was learning so much about being a wife.  No, the thing that really stopped the blogging was finding out we were having a baby.  Yep, that stopped the blogging.  I saw all these great moms blogging AND being moms and I was in awe.  I had my hands full, I should say I HAVE my hands full.  We, Marty and I, have been married a little over two years now and we have a beautiful 15 month old baby girl, and one on the way.  Life is about to get crazy all over again.  But this time I think I am ready to start documenting my life a little better…why?  Not so a lot of people will read it, but rather so I can read it and hopefully laugh later on down the road…
January has been an exciting month already and we're really not all that far into it.  Last night, Marty and I were sitting on our bed chatting before we put Gabriella to bed and she was playing on our floor when all of a sudden I smelled the unmistakable smell of Vicks VapoRub, I say unmistakable because for the last month I have had a cold of some sort or another so the Vicks has held vigil for me on the nightstand.  I turned to the floor to see Gabriella had twisted off the cap and was licking some off of her fingers…did I call poison control?  You bet!  Immediately I called them and they did a terrific job of making me feel terrible for not realizing that she could unscrew the cap…come on, seriously?  I have read a LOT about development and everything I read said that around 2.5 she would be able to screw and unscrew caps…well, lesson learned here…never a dull moment with this crazy kid.  I think she actually liked the taste of it…

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