just another pregnant Friday...

As I sit here at 6:57 Friday night watching an episode of Minnie's Bowtoons before Gabriella's bed time (and let's be honest, my bed time) I remember the days before children when a Friday night meant something so much different.  Even right after we were married and in our honeymoon stage, it was so easy to make plans with girlfriends that started after a leisurely dinner with my husband...it isn't so much that those things can't still happen...I could make plans for after Gabriella is tucked in for the night...but she's still going to wake up waaaay to early for me to stay out past...ooohhh say 8:45.  But I can't complain...it's been a long week and a long day.  We went to play early with Gabriella's cousins before a meeting I had at the college after which we went to see G's godmother and precious little baby boy.  Needless to say that from the time she woke up until right now...there has been no sign of sleep on this sleepy baby's face.  She has pushed through, even after two 45 minute car rides and two stops at Starbucks (going and coming...today it was a must).

We stopped at Whole Foods on our way home and picked up some fun pastries...on a Friday during Lent you say?  You heathen you!  It's okay, you can judge me...I considered today a success because the only place Gabriella melted down was in the presence of my best friend and she doesn't judge.  So I decided that G and I deserved a treat...and macarons were the treat of the day...I have attempted these once when my loving husband got me this cookbook and all of the tools necessary for making them, but Gabriella was about 6 months old and screamed most of the day if she wasn't being held...so maybe I will attempt them again when I have some free time...hahaha.  Should I even mention that they didn't turn out quite as professionally as I had hoped?  In the meantime...Whole Foods, though I LOVE that store and everything they make truly has nothing on Sucre in New Orleans.  It was where my love of macarons was born and there is nothing that will ever kill it, especially since they ship all over the country and I can have them whenever I want...okay, well not whenever or I wouldn't need to go get them at Whole Foods, but you get the point.

Anyway, back to my Friday night.  I think back on the times that I had the ability to go out whenever and wherever I wanted and I can honestly say that even though I am tired, so tired by the time Friday rolls around that all I can think about is going to bed early and even though my Saturday mornings are filled with early morning wake up calls and scrambled eggs for the millionth time that I wouldn't trade it for anything!  It's hard and there are so many times that I would rather stay in bed and drink coffee till 10 (that can't happen because the little boy in utero would object), but it is so fantastic being with my two favorite people every weekend and making breakfast and running around until nap time.  It's the best...and sometimes the worst, but it's my greatest gift.  So for now, I enjoy my pregnant Fridays...I'm not going to lie, the macarons helped tremendously today...as did the coffee...

maybe someday I will shoot for the 7 friday things...who knows...we might just get crazy up in here


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