my rainy Monday

ahhhh....Spring time...I keep telling myself that April showers bring May flowers but cold, rainy, damp days are no fun with a toddler.  But she made the best of it today by discovering the joy of bubbles with her mom-mom:  It was awesome!

Sheer joy

This would have kept her occupied all day but nap time had to happen at some point so during nap time we discussed (what else??) food.  What to do on a rainy day?  Cook. Bake. Dream of cooking and we decided to make these cookies from the Brown Eyed Baker (who I feel like if we met we'd be great friends because I also have family in Pittsburgh, we both are around the same age, love baking, and it creepy that I think we'd be friends? Hopefully not).  Of course I forgot to take pictures of the cookies...hey, no judging, I was too busy taking pictures of my cute kid, and eating said cookies.  They turned out great, maybe not quite as thin as I thought they would be, but there were no complaints from anyone who ate them so I take that as affirmation.  Also, if you do this recipe, which I highly recommend, I added Fluff to the cream cheese filling (no, I didn't measure) and I have to say that it really added to the cookies.  

I had to run out, and I hate running out with a toddler when it is raining but it had to happen...we needed cards...a lot of them, for all sorts of occasions.  So away we went...and let me first of all start off my 5 second rant by saying that the Target in Westminster, MD is terrible!  There aren't many cards first of all...when did cards get so darn expensive??  But what was really the most shocking was that I was going to get a half gallon of organic milk to hold us over till I could go to the grocery store on a sunny day and the half gallon was $7.29 (WHAT!??!?!?!?!)!!!  I was so mad that I took my $40.00 worth of cards and left with those and nothing else.  But my whole point of the Target craziness was the card issue.  I love making homemade's been a long time because of moving and packing and babies...but I can't wait to get back into making my own and not having to spend a million dollars just to tell someone that I love them...or love their baby...or thank you for giving me baby stuff...or happy birthday...or you're the best husband in the whole get my drift.  I think I'll save a lot of money and make Dave Ramsey happy.  

Anyway, that pretty much sums up my rainy Monday...all in all a success I would say.  No meltdowns with the cute toddler, cookies, cookies, cookies galore and speed shopping at crappy Target.  Maybe tomorrow we'll go get a coffee at Birdie's Cafe to reward ourselves for making it through a rainy day.....unless it rains again tomorrow...then I'm not sure....


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