How much can 7lbs cost??

Well, let's be honest our baby is more than likely going to weigh in more at the 10lb marker but a girl can dream!  Marty and I have started talking about a baby registry...I guess we'd better get on it.  But as I do my research, and I do a lot of research, I have realized that the little girl growing inside of me is going to start costing us!  Now, I was not disillusioned to how much a baby would cost but as we look into products and reviews I keep reading, 'you get what you pay for.'  So I had better start really hunting down the deals.  But this is what I think is the craziest...there are SO MANY THINGS you can get for your baby...down to little baby hangers, because goodness knows you can't hang baby clothes on big girl hangers...this is probably true...but what an industry!  Of course Marty says that I am drawn to the expensive end of things, but who can help it?  Little tutus are much more exciting than practical onesies.  It will be quite an adventure to be sure finding all of the necessities for our little girl.  Marty asked me to make sure that when I make the registry that I add Home Depot giftcards to the list...he is planning on building things for the baby's long as it's not the crib, I think we'll be okay...otherwise I will have my soda can ready to try and shove between the slats of wood for it! :)  In all honesty it's hard to hold back because we're so excited for this new life.  I can understand that it would be easy to want everything and anything I can get my hands on for a newborn...that's why maybe I should start a business so I can take advantage of first time mamas just like me!


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