Parents for Life

How in the world could I love this little face so much already?  I swear she already has a personality!  We were watching her last week at our ultrasound and she was turning flips and playing peek-a-boo and showing off her little hiney, I think we could have watched her forever!  At just under six months I am starting to feel the pressure when it comes to being ready to parent a child.  And as I get everything ready, including myself I am reminded of the program that I used to help with at my last job, it was called Parents for Life and was a small offshoot of during Life Teen for our parents to come together and talk about the joys and struggles of being a parent.  I guess those joys, struggles and fears will never go away.  I can only imagine how much more I will realize that once our little girl is born! Marty and I talk about being a parent and how it will change our lives but also hopefully make us better and more selfless people...but also the responsibility of not only getting each other to heaven but now this little person as really makes me marvel at the glory of God in parenthood.  The very root of the word Matrimony means motherhood, so God's intensive purpose for this Sacrament is for two to become one and make three...and He gives us the gift of His trust in bringing up that little image of Him to know and love Him!  I can't help but think in knowing that, of course fear will play a factor in the emotions that are filling me all the time.  In just a few short months our lives will never be the same, and knowing that God doesn't give us what we can't handle I am looking forward to being a parent for life!  But I'm still needing all the prayers I can get! :)


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