Love, love, love!

This all of the readings we heard that we are called to love.  I am learning all about love in many new ways this year.  Getting married has taught me so much more about selfless love than I ever though possible.  There are so many days I get up and I don't want to take the dog out, or clean the dishes that may or may not still be there from the night before; or some days I just simply don't feel like being nice.  Well, to say the least, God is teaching me about selfless love...
I am learning about love like this I think for many reasons but probably mainly for a BIG reason that will be joining our family in just four months.  We just had our sonogram to find out what we're having and to our unspeakable joy God is blessing us with a little baby girl!  We both sat in awe this past Friday and watched on the screen and our little miracle waved her little arms and opened and closed her mouth...she looks perfect!  Marty and I left the hospital just completely astounded that we could love someone so much who we haven't even met yet!  God teaches us a lot about love in the beauty of life!  So it makes me think about that selfless love we're called to...when that little baby is kicking me and pushing on my stomach, when I feel so sick the thought of food makes me want to never eat again, or when I just really don't want to take my vitamins because they taste SO bad...I remember that God calls us to love just like He does...we might fail but He gives us so many wonderful reasons to continue trying!


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