Is it cannibalism??

So the baby is the size of a sweet potato supposedly moving all over the place...I'm still waiting for that first flutter so in the meantime I went out to buy a few sweet potatoes so when I was eating them this week I would think of the baby.  My mom mentioned jokingly that it was a little like cannibalism because I was "eating my baby."  We laughed about it and then moved on to another topic; me using this matter (in my case a sweet potato) is helping me believe in something I cannot yet see.  Not quite cannibalism...that'd just be silly. 
But this process is helping me also reflect on my faith.  It's the month of May and therefore the month of Mary and I can't help but think, as I eat my sweet potatoes that Mary was going through this too...she was pondering what was happening in her body, she was waiting for those first little flutters, she was praying (I'm sure) as hard as she could, etc, etc.  She couldn't quite grasp what was going on...she was basing it all on faith.  I guess that's what we have to do when we're waiting on something that hasn't yet been revealed...we believe.  So I will go on praying for Mary's wisdom during this pregnancy and I will continue buying the fruit or veggie that represents my baby in hopes that I can relate it to something I am anxiously up?  An heirloom tomato!


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