Ashes, ashes we all fall down...

Ah, Ash Wednesday, as with everything else, Lent takes on a whole different meaning when kiddos come into the picture.  It's a hard, beautiful thing to watch your faith mature in different ways as your Vocation grows.  Marty mentioned as we were driving to Mass on Sunday that he never used to be late before he had Gabriella.  I didn't either for that matter...and we try really hard to make it to Mass on time, but there are days...oh there are days.  You know those days.  Things change with children...gone are the days of blissful silence during Mass (I really would love to know how all those homeschool mamas who go to daily Mass with their seven kids do really, if you are one...please help me).

So as I climbed into bed last night thinking "what am I going to give up for Lent," it hit me that this year I think instead of giving something up I just needed to add something...and I thought, "really, God...where can I add anything in my day?"  But I can; I know there are times that I am cuddled in bed with my napping little girl and browsing Facebook that I could be reading Scripture.  No, I'm not being preachy saying we all should do this...but for me it makes sense.  I think this year...especially since I already had to give up drinking wine and eating yummy sushi and drinking copious amounts of coffee (babies in utero are demanding!) that instead of adding to that list of giving up, I will just add to my list of 'to do.' That's just me...that's my Lenten thought for this fine Ash Wednesday.

On to Gabriella...Gabriella isn't a great sleeper and she never has been (how I envy all of you who have good sleepers, but I suppose this is payback for all the years I didn't sleep for my mom). I google questions like "why won't my baby sleep?" or "how can I get my toddler to sleep longer?" and so on and so forth...and no matter how many times I google this...the same answers come back again and again.  So maybe I just need to stop asking google and just accept my little lady isn't a huge sleeper...clearly there is too much needing to be explored.  I think this winter has killed us too though...normally I would say we'd just go outside and burn some of that boundless energy off but with the polar vortex (what the crap does that even mean?!?!) and the insane snowfall amounts, I am hesitant to venture out...especially since the little princess isn't a fan of snow.  So winter, please leave us soon...the closer we get to the little man's arrival the more nervous I get that I will never sleep again...
at least she's cute when she wakes up...that's a plus

So while she is napping, instead of being smart and napping too...I am taking advantage of learning about importing blogs...this blog is my first attempt at being normal...haha, every other time I've blogged I have done it for work.  So this time, my work is more...shall we say "entertaining" and it's not just going on the church website...lots to I am stalking some other blogs to get ideas etc and hopefully, hopefully this shall be a success...but since it's Ash Wednesday and I was just saying I need to pray while she sleeps...I think I'll come back to the learning later. 


Thank you for being a witness in my life my beautiful friend!

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