Today might be the day I throw in the towel...

I had so many fun things to blog about the past couple of days, but did I?  No.  Instead you will get this post of a frustrated, sleep-deprived, pregnant mama.  How do they (the littles) always know when you have something you're looking forward to the next day?  It's like they know and they will thwart all of your attempts at a good night's sleep.  So let me recap my day yesterday (I promise that I will only give you some of the day):

5:45 - Gabriella wakes up and we put on some Winnie the Pooh so mom can wake up a little more slowly

6:20 - we head downstairs to make breakfast (and coffee...that's the most important part)

6:25 - put in the first load of laundry

6:35 - Gabriella eats all of her eggs and is ready to roll...

6:45 - we play, and play, and play (mostly with her tea set) while I get even more laundry done and the little angel even let me put all the dishes away from the night before

7:55 - head upstairs and put on more Pooh (yes, I am a bad mama but I needed to fold a laundry)

8:25 - back downstairs for more laundry and more coffee...

8:40 - finally get G dressed and set her free in our room to play so I can get ready to go

The rest of the day consisted of running errands, going to the University to meet with the student officers of the Catholic Students group (all with the angel, yes, she was an angel all day, napped for a bit in the car, smiled at everyone we saw, talked and talked and sang, it was wonderful...until we got back home...I had felt SO accomplished until we got home...

now, onto the rest of the evening:

4:45 - start making dinner which was leftover tomato soup (a variation of this recipe) from Ash Wednesday and grilled cheese

5:25 - sit down for dinner with a slightly whiny Gabriella (though I must say, she did a great job doing the Sign of the Cross for grace...but I'm not holding my breath on it being a habit yet)

5:32 - Gabriella starts screaming at the top of her lungs to get out of her chair

5:42 - Still crying, Marty tells her that she can't get out of her chair until she stops crying

5:43 - she stops (what!?!?!??!)

5:47 - Gabriella and Marty head upstairs to get ready for bed...she really needs her bed at this point!

6:03 - I meet them upstairs for bath time and snuggles in our bed...normally our favorite time...normally...

I'll spare you the rest...but I will say that her lung capacity and her stamina are fantastic...I think poor Marty was going to have a nervous breakdown because of screams of stubbornness.  He went into her to rub her back, tell her stories, sternly tell her she was fine and mommy and daddy were right around the corner...all to no avail...

And now our day has started waaaaay too early...(I wish my eyes could open that wide right now)

but at least there is coffee in the house and Winnie the Pooh on netflix and the knowledge that we are having dinner with Marty's wonderful cousins who are fantastic parents of 3 (almost 4) girls and I will be pumping them for information on how they handle the 'girl tantrums' that hopefully they have conquered.

In other exciting news (about food) I am making a hearty, sausage & kale soup for dinner tonight as well as these Brazilian Cheese Rolls (they're even gluten free if that's what floats your boat)

If you do anything today that involves baking, I highly recommend these can find tapioca flour in most local grocery stores and these are seriously the easiest rolls that you will get LOADS of compliments on.  I first had these rolls at Marty's favorite restaurant Fogo de Chao and literally could eat them every day so I was thrilled when I found the recipe!  You won't regret trying these.

Well, I suppose it's time to get moving...


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