My recent coffee fix

so this blog is a long (okay 5 or 6 days) time coming...

Thank you Erin Link for introducing me to my latest addiction...the Peanut Butter Cup latte with Himalayan Sea Salt sprinkled on top from Atwater's.  Too bad it was a monthly drink and is now gone forever.  It all started with a picture of the description of the drink in a text from my sister-in-law and her stating that we needed to try it out before the end of the month, let me tell you that Erin and I are both pregnant (due a month apart with boys) and we take our coffee allowance very seriously.  It's no joke...we seek out the good stuff.  So Erin found this latte while she was working one day and since we both love peanut butter it was a no brainer.  Then all of a sudden it was the 27th of February...and this poses a problem in the month of February.  So I loaded Gabriella into her carseat and took off for the 35 minute drive to meet up with Erin during her lunch break...desperate times people, desperate times...

I suppose in hindsight I didn't really need the second one that I ordered to go and drank when I got home; and I suppose that it's a good thing I didn't try the drink until the end of the month because my already big pregnant belly would have just been out of control.  Ah, self-control...where did you go when I was ordering that latte?  But it was fantastic...I will be dreaming of that latte for many months to come.

In other news, my cup holder in that picture also is my recipe book and I made that paella recipe...I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who likes food.  It's a staple in our house...Marty and Gabriella are both a little on the, how shall we say...opinionated side of food choices (aka SUPER picky) and they love it!  So with all the veggies and protein (okay and yummy sausage) it's not only a huge hit but it"s also fairly healthy...and who isn't on that bandwagon these days?


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